MindSplash is a collaborative group of experienced professionals who have been creating unique, nationally recognized educational environments for museums and community spaces for a combined total of over 60 years.


Becky Lindsay, Creative Director, has a deep understanding of the unique needs of museums and their visitors stemming from over 25 years of on staff experience at nationally known museums including the Indianapolis Children's Museum, the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, the DuPage Children's Museum, the Connecticut Historical Society, and SciTech Museum. She is as passionate about developing powerful exhibits as she is about designing them. Becky is adamant that good learning environments should contain valuable content information waiting to be discovered by visitors. Her powerful air exhibits, developed while Principal Investigator for NSF's AirWorks for Kids, are one reason Mike Spock, considered the father of the children’s museum movement, describes Becky as one of the top developers and designers in the country.

Robin Frisch, Experience Director, has worked for over twenty-five years with children and their families in school and community settings, including the DuPage Children's Museum and Naper Settlement. Robin brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding children and how they play and learn, including a strong background in children with special needs. Currently doing graduate work at the renowned Erikson Early Childhood Institute in Chicago, IL, Robin is a strong advocate for the need to create environments that are meaningful, as well as fun and engaging, for young children and the important people in their lives.

Other talented professionals work with us on select projects as needed, including fabricators, illustrators, writers and computer specialists. The MindSplash team has the vision and experience to create artistic, engaging learning environments that children and their families will enjoy for years to come.

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."
—John F. Kennedy